Friday, January 25, 2008

Uneducated Voters??

Voting is a privilege that we as Americans can enjoy. Only 54% of all eligible Americans vote. Making matters worse not all these voters are educated on political matters. One thing that is very common is for voters to be strongly supportive of a specific issue that a candidate over emphasizes. Voters usually forget to look at other aspects of candidates. They will see one thing that they really like and then call it good. If I were to go to every voter and ask them why they were voting for a certain person they could probably only point to one reason why they are choosing this person. They really should be looking into the candidate of there choice better.

Because every vote does truly count we as citizens need to make sure that we are educate and that we vote for the candidate that we believe will lead America in the best direction. Hopefully many of us at BYU do this because morals and values are very important to us. America needs to be lead by a righteous leader so that we can uphold these values. We see this as something very important, but do others? Many voters are really careless and I think that government should establish a system in which education on all candidates and there policies and ideas are mandatory to cast a vote. This would be good for America and would make for a better society.

Super Tuesday, heated candidate debates, wild rumors convicting candidates of doing unconstitutional things 30 years ago, these are all signs of an election year. This year a new president will be decided, a leader who will uphold the values and morals of the classical American, or at least this is what we hope for. How can we as Americans expect the best when we don’t do our part? Looking back at past election years we see that the percentage of voters who actually come out to vote is a mere 54%. If we think that this is bad we need to add on the fact that most of these voters are not even educated in political matters that would pertain to the choosing of a certain candidate. Something needs to be done about this. We cannot have careless voting. What does this say about America as a whole? We are blessed with great freedoms and privileges and we need to take advantage of them. But more than taking advantage of them it is our responsibility to cast our vote and voice.

We as BYU students know that casting our voice is important and that by doing this we can show our support of potential leaders who will guide this country in a righteous matter. We know that if we do not vote for those who do uphold these morals and standards then it is likely that our country will continue in wickedness. WE as students know that we must take the responsibility of educating ourselves on each candidate and then vote for the one we best think would fit the job, but how many other Americans feel this way? It is my personal belief that the government needs to institute a system which requires every voter to be educated on each candidate and that they understand what each candidate is proposing he or she would do to improve this country. By requiring each candidate to listen to a short video before voting we can make sure that every vote really does count.

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